Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Street Foods in Lahore, Bhawalpur

Fresh Berries in LahorePeanuts, and PinknutsFish being Weighed at Head PanjbandFish being CleanedFish Being Cleaned by a Child. Look At Him.A Child's Work
Cleaning FishMasalas for the Fish before Deep FryingSprinkling MasalasSprinkling MasalasFish FriedFish About to be Eated
PicklesPakoras and Jalaibis and SamosasStreetside ChaiPinjiri. I grew up eating this. God I need this. Everyday.Moar Chai.Say it ain't so Col Sanders!
Amazing Dhabba in BhawalpurLunchLiverBrain MasalaGrains and Nuts, fried.dukan

This image gallery does make me feel nostalgic, yes I admit that! I do miss Lahore at times.